Second Training Session

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The Woomera Team assembled for second training session at the end of May 2022. The training started with a delightful lunch in the Surrey. Then the team headed out to give everyone additional experience in shooting Australian style (complete with questionable accents). Several team members took great pleasure in practicing their sledging, with at least one shooter realising there was nothing preventing them from sledging back including questioning the mathematical ability of their scorer.

A Shoter in the second training session. She is in the aim at targets on Stickledown Range with wind flags showing strong left wind.
Individual Shooting on Stickledown

One shooter caused particular merriment to the team. He inexplicably scored a 56.2v followed by a 54.3v (ex 75.15v). He protested strongly that it was his new jacket’s fault for the first score. However, on discovering his scope to be loose in the middle of the second shoot, a few kind individuals suggested a different reason. Obviously the team were incredibly sympathetic as he proceeded to shoot a beautiful sequence going 2345V. For sure no one learnt any new bad words. Honest. We are all obviously thankful that said member does not have a team role, for instance one responsible for checking things like scopes are securely fastened before important matches… 

Team Training Session

The second training session continued on the Saturday, working on team drills. There was a focus on ensuring different team members could perform the various roles on a firing point from shooter to coach to plotter. We had entertaining conditions that could easily result in dropping two points a shot if you missed a change. The team worked well together with a focus on clear communication between coaches and plotters and quick shooting from almost all team members. The reserves showed the team once again how it should be done with Iain Thompson top scoring on the day, including an impressive 75 at 1200x with a 6 minute wind bracket.

Team training session with shooters, coaches and main coach all at work.
Team training at 1200 yards

Sadly there was less comedy on the firing point despite several efforts from the marker. Although we did have several notable highlights occurring around us during the day. One was an oblivious gentleman wandering straight past the shooters setting up at 1200x. He made it to the 1100x firing point when he was intercepted. On being challenged why he had decided to walk onto a rifle range in front of firers, his priceless response was “This is a rifle range?! I thought you were having a picnic!” When being pointed towards multiple shooters with their rifles, he then commented “Oh I thought they were golfers about to tee off!”. Whilst our shooting prowess still needs work to take on Australia, clearly our camoflague training is paying off.

The other entertainment was a target booking alongside us at 1200x. They were constantly complaining about not being able to hit the target. Upon taking pity on them, a few GB shots went to help. They discovered that the cause was less likely to be a bad marker. Far more likely the fact they were using 155gn GGG “because it worked at shorter distances”. The fact they were also using less wind on their calls than the GBMRT team alongside likely explains the occasional random hits and outers on the adjacent target…