Picture of the butts at Stawell Range with markers tending to them.
Stawell Targets

Stawell Range is located near the town of Stawell in the State of Victoria in Australia. To confuse us “poms”, Stawell is not pronunced as one might think, but instead like “Stawl”. Stawell is the largest town near the Grampian National Park. In this wonderful national park, there is some spectacular hiking and rock climbing.

The range is home, unsuprisingly, to the Stawell Rifle Club. There are 6 targets and firing points going back to 1200yards. A large variety of shooting disciplines are shot here including small-bore, target rifle, match rifle and F-Class.

The Woomera Team visited Stawell Range in 2004. We have three verterans from that tour on our visit in 2022. This time the Woomera Match itself will take place at Stawell. The veterans’ memory will be probed to give the rest of us any advice on the tricky Australian wind conditions that we are certain to encounter. Initially recolloection of our illustrious captains is that the surrounding trees do a very good job of sheltering the wind flags but not the bullets.