LMRA Individual Open 2022

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On Sunday 1st May 2022, the London and Middlesex Rifle Association held their annual Match Rifle Individual Open. Being a bank holiday weekend, the sun was hidden behind a mass of grey clouds with odd drops of rain. There was also more wind in this one shoot, than the whole of the Hopton last year. Granted, this wasn’t anywhere near the levels sometimes seen on Stickledown down, but it was enough to cause confusion amongst the shooters.

Being the first main competition of the year, many people use it to test themselves and as a final practice before The English Eight Spring Meeting the following weekend. This is a time of year when all the winter and early season fettling and training comes to fruition. With the most hard-working and dedicated shooters rising above the rest. Or at least that is what is supposed to happen…

Instead, Angus McLeod decided to enter on the morning of the competition. He arrived with a random box of ammo that was marked “Claire Practice”. He went on to put in a very consistent 74 ex 75 at each range to walk away with a gold LMRA medal and the prize fund of £24. Not that he held onto this for very long as one of his creditors came calling. Don’t worry, we are assured that he did not need to melt down the medal in order to pay this debt.

Angus hols winnings from LMRA Individual Open 2022 and an arm is outstreched asking for it from him
Angus being immediately asked for his winnings.

One place and one point behind Angus was GB Captain Nick Tremlett. David Dashwood took the bronze medal. He also decided to follow Angus’ lead in preparation. He found a box of old 200s in the bottom of his locker that he thought he’d try out. We shall wait to see if the GB Training for the upcoming woomera tour has a change in tactic.

Full Prize List

A. McLeod74.974.1074.8222.27
N. Tremlett74.1274.1073.5221.27
D. Dashwood74.873.773.11220.26
M. Judge75.973.771.8219.24
S. Thomas74.1073.471.4218.18
R. Lygoe73.774.9TBCTBC
H. Mansell73.871.673.7217.21
S. Wentges74.1170.972.5216.25
F. Day75.770.571.7216.19
A. Abrahams72.872.869.3213.19
N. Clark72.870.771.3213.18
R. Winney72.669.370.3211.12
Z. Woodroffe72.668.470.8210.18
K. Baxby69.968.469.4206.14