Match Rifle competitions can take place in one of two guises: as a team or as an individual. Here you wiill understand the differences in approach with these two Match Rifle Competitions. Our Events page lists all upcoming Match Rifle Competitions in the UK.

Team Competitions

Team matches are usually made up of eight firers but it is important to realise that a good team performance is much more than the sum of the scores of eight individual firers. In a team match, there can be up to 17 people actively involved in making sure that the highest team score is achieved. This can include the following:

  • Captain
  • Adjutant
  • 8 Shooters
  • 2 Target Coaches
  • 1 Main Coach
  • 2 Plotters
  • 2 Reserve Shooters

There are two major international team competitions. Great Britain and Ireland compete against Australia for the Woomera Trophy. This takes place every 3 years in alternating countries. The Elcho is one of the longest standing internal matches in any sport. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales compete for honours each year in England during the Imperial Meeting.

Individual Match Rifle Competitions

Unlike in team matches where there are cleary defined roles for each member of the team to master the shoot and wind conditions in order to reach the highest possible score, this is all up to the individual. They must be able to shoot striaght, adjust for the changeable wind conditions and record and adjust for the fall of shot. Only if they master all of these can they hope to win.

Throughout the year, there are numerous individual competitons. The most prestigous of which is the Hopton which takes places during the Imperial Meeting each year in July at Bisley. There are however various other competitions throughout the year.