Welsh Open

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The Welsh Open

The Welsh Rifle Association’s Open Meeting was held on the August bank holiday monday. Due to the concurrency of The Ashes 2.0 this year, there were 36 entrants this year.

Unlike yesterday, today started as is normal at 1000 yards. As per usual on Stickledown, there was very little wind before the start of shooting. After message 1 had been passed, this increased enough to punish those who hadn’t woken up yet. However, many competitors excelled in these conditions. There were 11 possibles, most notable of which was Mike Buchanan with 75.15v (ex 75.15v). A very impressive feat under any conditions. His nearest competitor was Ron Scaglione who managed to get 2 bulls instead of Vs. There was 4 shooters just a single V behind him on 75.12v.

With only 1 detail at each range this morning, competitors immedately fell back to 1100 yards. Here conditions were a little more tricky. Some shots were blown out of the bull with no obvious indication as to why. However two people managed to conquer the conditions. Zoe Woodroffe top scored with 75.11v (ex 75.15v). Jon Sweet was just a single V behind on 75.10v.

1200 Yards

Due to the effeciency of operations this morning, it was decided that there would be an hour break before 1200 yards. Perhaps this was an attempt to let the pressure and anticipation build. Or perhaps, the Welsh captain fancied a cup of coffee.

Competitors at 1200 yards for the Welsh Open

Going into the deciding range at 1200, Zoe and Jon lead the pack both on 150 (23 and 22Vs respectively). 3 comptitors were hot on their heels only a single point behind. With a further 4 another point away, looking to claw their way back up the leaderboard.

As would be expected, the difficulty continued to increase at 1200 yards. No competitors were able to best the changeable winds but Ken Willingale came closest. He only lost 1 point to record a 74.7v (ex 75.15v). Five competitors were a point behind him.

Overall Results

The Welsh Open was won by Nick Tremlett who scored 222.28v (ex 225.45v). He beat Jon Sweet on count back based on 1200 yard scores. Nick scored 73.5v to Jon’s 72.6v. In third place was Mike Buchanan a point behind but 7 V-bulls ahead, scoring 221.35v. For the changeable conditions, this is a very impressive V count.

Winner of the Welsh Open, Nick Tremleett

Mike’s good shooting today along with his impressive scores yesterday, means he leads The Ashes 2.0 aggregate by 3 points and many V-bulls. Alex Cargill Thompson and Jon Sweet lie second and third. They both have 440 with Alex just a single V-bull ahead. Today’s winner, Nick Tremlett, is just a single point behind.

Can anyone catch up with Mike Buchanan? Stay tuned for the final day of The Ashes 2.0 tomorrow. This will take a similar format to the orginal Ashes. All competitors will shoot at 1000 and 1100 yards before a grand final shoot off at 1200 yards.

As is the normal format of the Welsh Open, shooting and prize giving was finished before lunch. This allowed those to head home who have only been shooting the weekend. For others, a reception and barbeque was held in aid of the GB Match Rifle Team’s tour to Australia. The Ashes 2.0 will conclude tomorrow.